Building doors when opportunities don't knock.

Our Original Product portfolio covers various industries, and although we dominantly build business systems, the appeal of Customer Satisfaction regularly shifts our focus to empathizing with the end-user and his needs.


Bisou is a game-changing mobile app that enables end Users to gather, socialize and express love towards brands, nightlife and one-another – while providing priceless brand tracking data.


Clubspotting is a real-time nightclub asset management app, enabling night club promotors to upsell and spend more time with profitable guests – and reserve seats & tables with a few clicks.


Tourbillion is a state-of-the-art reservation software for accommodation renters and camps that focuses on minimalism and practicality when displaying sales and CRM reports to ensure constant revenue growth for beginners as well as tourism professionals.

Our ideation process follows relevant academic findings and methodologies with the sole purpose of creating bold and meaningful innovation.

We use big-picture thinking and relevant opportunity-seeking techniques based on the popular publication “Blue Ocean Strategy” (2005), Mauborgne, R. and Kim, W. C. After identifying desirable directions and market opportunities, we focus on understanding industry & market specifics to initiate the ideation process, based on the principles of “Design Thinking” coined by Kelley, D. of IDEO for business purposes during the 1990s.

document the foundation

empathize with the Customer

understand the Customer’s needs

run several ideation sessions

map Customer Journey

define scope priorities

signoff final functionalities

start rapid prototyping

test prototype and collect feedback

process efficiency review, calibration and improvement

product launch

define phasing & promotion approach

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