At Hibourg, people make the future real.

What is your area of expertise?

Understand what drives results beneath the surface of our success.


Competitive bonus schemes & project ownership, based on the results you deliver.


Whether you're in Thailand or Cuba - deliver top quality within the deadline and we're good.


We grow when you learn new skills and expand your professional interests.


You become a part of our high-performance framework relying on frequent feedback and review.


From communication to procedures, we want to keep things simple and lean for you.


Your ideas are music to our ears and fuel our intellectual debates, so keep them coming.


We make sure you are never bored, by continuously raising the bar for your development.


We are here to support your career options as they change based on your interests and seniority.

From Candidate to Colleague.

Our job listings start traditionally, we screen CVs and motivational letters or portfolios. Don’t worry about the form, just tell us your story. We absolutely love storytelling.

The nature of our business is problem solving, so the best way to give you a platform to express your thoughts is via case study. We might come up with an absolute abstraction – leaving you to fill in the blanks, or we might put you in a box with lots of restrictions. Showcase your thought process and solve the case.

Top candidates go through cognitive and personality testing – these results are strictly confidential and used as benchmark/industry averages for future calibration purposes.

Candidates that meet our expectations are called for an interview, where we finally meet in person. We allow you to present your case study, build upon it and demonstrate your personality traits.

After the best candidate is chosen, we move to the onboarding and induction stage – where we gradually introduce you to the Company, Colleagues and future workplace.


Senior PHP Developer

Senior PHP Developer

As a Senior PHP Developer, you're responsible for making our core API's work. You will build infrastructure to create new products, improve existing features, destroy bugs, and help us scale our platform. Your focus needs to be on multilayered approach, separation of concerns and implementation of design and architectural patterns.


Junior .NET Developer

Junior .NET Developer

This is an entry level position with growth potential using a mix of tools including .NET languages and SQL Server to support solutions for our Clients. As you sharpen your skills, you will have a mentor available for guidance and advice. As soon as you start focusing on performance, scalability, security, and testing, we will know you are ready to advance to Senior position.


UX/UI Specialist

UX/UI Specialist

Our Designers understand user workflow, are able to create an inviting interface for them and use typography and art to communicate and create a specific experience. We expect you to follow Web standards. To succeed, you must understand how to make something beautiful and insanely functional.


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