Hibourg /hʌɪbɔːɡ/ n. - experienced digital problem solvers inspired by business challenges

At Hibourg we worship effective communication, and believe that a brand is more than a logotype with a quirky title – it is the essence of your Company or product and represents what you stand for.

Brand Architecture: Etymology

iceberg plus castle plus hibou

Facing the need to differentiate and tell a great story for the Client, showcasing top performance and trailblazing vision - branding our Company presented us with an interesting challenge. We wanted to emphasize that we see what’s beneath the surface, offer “status-quo-challenging” thinking and digital transformation of business models – all at once. We wanted to communicate that there is more to us than meets the eye, that we are a “fortress of knowledge” and will protect the interests of our Clients at all times. With all that being said, offering premium consulting services to business Clients implies that a certain level of prestige is present, so that the brand promise can connect the Client with the purpose of existence.

Taking all of the aforementioned we have combined the best of both worlds: intellectual power of the owl (“hibou” in French) as the primary source of inspiration, combined it with the introspection of the iceberg and the idea of understanding the essence beneath the surface, finally closing with the cyborg as the symbol of technology enabling superhuman abilities.

Brand Architecture: Visual identity

sketch plus colors plus logo

After defining a name for the Company, the next logical step was to define the visual identity – including the logotype, typeface and color palette. All of these little details build on and complete the collage of the Brand, necessary to deliver the magic of the story. Following up on the iceberg inspiration, we have decided to use it as the main symbol – emphasizing that we see what’s beneath the surface and can steer the business away from the potential breakdown or disaster. In the modern business everyday, stagnation equals disaster – and we are here to protect the main interest of the Client. Having an abstract logo enables the viewer to interpret it differently – our logo can be an owl from a ground plan perspective, an invulnerable fortress or something digital, illustrated with triangles in two colors – symbolizing binary logic.

The typeface used for the visual identity was, an endless classic – something we aim to achieve on the marketplace.

The aforementioned colors cover two shades of blue, the traditional color of business, serenity and trust – something that is deeply embedded in our vision.

Brand Assets


Aesthetic Standards

Applying the visual identity to different colors, surfaces and materials breathes life into the brand – so we make sure that the visual identity is universally applicable, picture perfect and aligned to grid.

Geometry of Scaling

Whitespace is our guiding star so we never compromise the visual integrity of the logotype, regardless of the final application size or typeface combination.




Typeface writes the story of the brand and we pay special attention to it. “Classic simplicity and real beauty" perfectly describes the font used for Hibourg but also captures our vision of branding – we like things clean and sophisticated.

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